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Subject Heard about these PublicSource projects?
Date February 25, 2022 2:00 PM
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Dear Reader,

We know you count on us for in-depth news about what’s happening in our region, and we’re proud to provide that service. But that’s only part of what PublicSource offers. We’d like to highlight three projects no informed Pittsburgher should do without.
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From the Source Podcast: Important discussions. Bold questions. Uniquely Pittsburgh.
In this third season of the From the Source podcast ([link removed]) , Senior Community Correspondent Jourdan Hicks is asking barrier-breakers and trailblazers what they know for sure and what that means about our region. From re-envisioning (and then re-re-envisioning) what child care looks like to what it means to enroll in higher learning as an adult student with ADHD, these are thought-provoking conversations you won’t hear anywhere else. Along the way, Jourdan and her guests investigate questions like whether the yinzer accent evokes universal feelings of belonging for Pittsburghers, whether a company can truly represent the spirit of a place and more.

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Board Explorer: Unelected positions, public influence.

Begun by PublicSource reporter Rich Lord in 2020, Board Explorer ([link removed]) is an ongoing project that looks at the 500+ people who fill unelected positions on our region’s many city and county boards. You might not know their names, but their decisions unquestionably have an effect on the daily lives of people like you. We make updates to this news tool three times a year with the help of our talented interns, keeping the information up to date for you while providing valuable experience to the journalists of our future.

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Know Pittsburgh, For Real: An email course aimed at understanding Pittsburgh’s hows and whys.
You know that the steel industry was born here. You know that we put fries on everything. But do you know Pittsburgh, for real?

Whether a newcomer to the Steel City or a longtime resident, our home is bound to make you curious. Pittsburgh is bursting with history, intricacies and quirks. Our free 12-part email course ([link removed]) is an effort to unpack the nuances of our city and be a resident guide for those wanting to learn more.

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