What are you United Against?

We’re united against suicide, that means we’re united against living miserably, united against saying you’re fine when you’re not and united against struggling on your own. 

You might have seen United Against posters popping up across the country, and now we want to hear yours. 

Tell us what you’re #UnitedAgainst

The 17 year old rapper here to tell you you’re not alone

We’ve teamed up with Coventry-based rapper, Kanda, for the release of his new track IHGYN (I Have Got You Now) – a song he describes as “holding the hands of those struggling”.

Read Kanda's interview here

Things feeling stuck on hard mode? 

DanTDM is a legend in the gaming world, with more subscribers on YouTube than Beyonce, but he has bad days like all of us. We joined forces for a gaming video with a hidden message. 

CALM chat to DanTDM

If you’re feeling anxious, CALM’s here for you. 

Whether you’re finding stuff in the news heavy right now, or worries are stacking up, anxiety can really knock the wind out of your sails.
Your anxiety Q’s answered

Just a handful of places left for the Brighton Marathon!

As runs go, you can’t beat the postcard-perfect beach location and a well-earned bag of chips at the finish line. Don’t miss your chance to run the Brighton Marathon.
Register here and bag a free running vest
Worried about training? Here’s our sprints and tips


Just £8 will answer a potentially life-saving call, so if you want to help support our life-saving services why not do something you love to raise some cash for our services? From burping the national anthem to fund-raving, have a bit of fun and do whatever tickles your pickle. 

Join us

We're on your side

If you're struggling, remember CALM are here every single day. Whatever it is that's weighing on your mind, you can talk to us. No matter who you are or what you're going through, our helpline is here for you. 

Need support?

Supporters of the month

The Lost Boys (pictured left) were blindfolded and dropped 100 miles from home, with no phone, map or money. These three absolute legends have raised over £1,300 in support of CALM. 

Wynter’s been getting hands on to raise cash for our life-saving services by making origami in memory of their cousin Aaron. 

Anne’s been braving daily cold water dips throughout February to help us be there, no matter what.


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