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Eunice, The Uterus of The United States,

shall, from time to time, give to the American People

Information of the State of the Uterus,

and recommend to their Consideration such measures

deemed necessary and not full of shit.


Women, Theydies and Gentlebabes - It’s Eunice P. Justice, your Uterus in Chief! 

In 2022 - this current year! that is not EVEN two months old! - 69 abortion bans have been introduced in state legislatures around the country (ruining an otherwise fun number!). This doesn’t even include the 10 states that haven’t even met to legislate yet!!


Y’all, it’s not great out there but Eunice is here to guide Uterus-Americans with a path forward.


Tune in March 1st starting at 12pm ET on YouTube to hear their message during a special broadcast of THE STATE OF THE UTERUS featuring Uterus in Chief, Eunice P. Justice.


Call your Senator - Tell them to vote YES for WHPA!

In the meantime, Eunice wants YOU to call your Senator to tell them to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act.

Eunice wouldn’t have chosen gendered language for a bill that protects access to abortion care, but here we are.



• Monday - Call your senator

• Tuesday - Stream our latest vid THE STATE OF THE UTERUS


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