From Tim O'Hare for Tarrant County Judge <[email protected]>
Subject Bold Leadership. Bright Future.
Date February 23, 2022 3:04 PM
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Friends, I am unapologetically Pro-Faith, Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro-2nd Amendment, Pro-Business, and Pro-Freedom. I fully support limited government and low taxes, and you can take me at my word when I tell you I will never stop fighting to get government off your back and out of your pocketbook. I believe… you work hard for your money, and you deserve to keep it. I have a plan to cut property tax rates by 20% in my first year in office, and I will immediately conduct an internal audit of all policies and procedures to eliminate wasteful and unnecessary spending. in the Constitution, and I believe in freedom. I believe all businesses are essential and pledge to never close down any businesses. I will also never close down churches. Under my leadership, there will be no unconstitutional mask or vaccine mandates. Tarrant County is exceptional, largely because of our brave Law Enforcement Officers. I’m proud to #BacktheBlue and will ensure they have the resources and support they need to keep our County safe. high-quality business development and job creation is critical to the future of our County. I will work alongside the business community to help rebuild our local economy and solidify Tarrant County’s position as the best place to live, work, and raise a family. guarding the security of our ballot box and guaranteeing the legitimacy of our elections is fundamental to preserving a free society. On my first day in office, I will seek to create an “Election Integrity Officer” position to help root out and prevent voter fraud in Tarrant County. the progressive left's relentless attack on our freedom, our history, and the truth threatens the very core of who we are as a nation. As County Judge, I will stand up against the liberal machine and their anti-American values and woke, cancel culture that threaten the tenets of who we are as a nation. I will fight against Critical Race Theory and other Marxist agendas in our schools. I believe a strong Tarrant County is a Conservative Tarrant County. There are just three days left to vote early. Make sure to cast your vote before the polls close at 7 pm on February 25th. If you don’t get to the polls during Early Voting, you can still cast your vote on Election Day (March 1st). Early Voting Locations Tim O'Hare Republican Candidate for Tarrant County Judge [email protected] Donate Get Connected ‌ ‌ ‌ Pol. Adv. Paid for by Tim O'Hare for Tarrant County Judge Campaign. Vince Puente, Treasurer. P.O. Box 92215, Southlake, TX 76092 Tim O'Hare Campaign | P.O. Box 92215, Southlake, TX 76092 Unsubscribe [email protected] Update Profile | Constant Contact Data Notice Sent by [email protected] powered by Try email marketing for free today!
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