Disney is putting a “trigger warning” ahead of some of its older films on its Disney Plus streaming service so viewers can be aware of any potential “outdated” and “offensive” content before they click.The warning,

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Need a Laugh? Watch NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Get Booed at Veterans Day Parade

By Nick Kangadis | 13 Nov 2019

Some things are just fun to watch, whether they’re “fail” videos on YouTube, leftists losing their minds over the existence of President Donald Trump or even Sean Spicer failing at dancing while somehow remaining on...

Mollie Tibbett’s Accused Killer Asking That His Confession Be Thrown Out

By Monica Sanchez | 13 Nov 2019

The illegal immigrant accused of murdering 20-year-old Iowa college student Mollie Tibbetts is requesting that his confession to the killing be thrown out of court on the grounds that he was not properly read his...

West: ‘A Democratic Socialist Impeachment Inquisition’ Is Not A Hearing

By LTC (Retired) Allen West | 13 Nov 2019

So, it’s here. The day when the Democrats Socialists have finally set up their impeachment hearing, inquiry, inquisition, whatever you want to call it.When did we all of a sudden appoint Congressman Adam Schiff as...

Denver Business Owner Cited For Not Cleaning Up Human Feces From the Sidewalk

By Brittany M. Hughes | 14 Nov 2019

A small business owner in Denver, Colorado is being fined by the city for refusing to clean up the crap on the sidewalk in front of his store.And that’d be human crap. As in, actual...

WATCH: Goulding Gobbles LGBTQ Mafia, Holds Thanksgiving Halftime Show Hostage - OLF

By Nick Kangadis | 14 Nov 2019

Welcome back to Out Of Left Field!"Pop star" Ellie Goulding recently agreed to perform at halftime of the Thanksgiving Day NFL game between the Buffalo Bills and Dallas Cowboys. But because of a Goulding Instagram...


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