From Mici for Senate <[email protected]>
Subject Socialist Schumer blames guns for skyrocketing crime
Date February 15, 2022 2:28 PM
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Releasing criminals without bail leads to increased crime. Chuck Schumer can't admit that, so he's blaming guns!

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Hello John -

Cause and effect: releasing criminals without bail leads to increased crime. Socialist Democrats like Chuck Schumer can't admit that, so they're blaming the crime wave on guns!

*Schumer is demanding $1.5 billion for a new "Interstate Gun Task Force" that will target law abiding New York gun owners and do nothing to lower crime rates.*

New York families want dangerous criminals kept behind bars, and the ability to defend their own lives and property with guns. It's simple.

*I can beat Schumer because I back the blue and support gun rights. Support my campaign today with a quick $35 donation.* ( [link removed] )

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Over the past few years every liberal city that has eliminated bail for certain crimes has seen a dramatic increase in property and violent crime.

*At the same time, red states across the country have legalized permit less concealed carry, and gun ownership has gone through the roof.*

New Yorkers bought over a million guns in the past two years and they want to use those guns to defend themselves without being hassled by another anti-2nd Amendment task force.

*Schumer is distracting from the real issue. His ignorance has endangered our families for too long and they want him gone. Help me defeat him this year with a generous $70 contribution.* ( [link removed] )

Socialist politicians have failed to provide safety, the most basic of governmental obligations. They have sided with the criminals.

*That is unacceptable to even the most liberal Democrats in New York. They will vote for me because they know I will restore order and defend New Yorkers' rights to defend themselves.*

Send a generous gift today and we will beat Schumer together this November.

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Thank you for your generous support,

*Aleksander Mici*

Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate

Mici for Senate

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