From Matthew Hoh for US Senate <[email protected]>
Subject Urgent: Do you want to see a pro-worker, pro-environment, pro-peace candidate on the ballot in North Carolina?
Date February 10, 2022 9:18 PM
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Dear Friend:

If you want to see a pro-worker, pro-environment, pro-peace candidate on the ballot in North Carolina, then our campaign needs your help right now. Matthew Hoh is not a Democrat or a Republican—he’s a Green, he’s radically different from the two capitalist parties, and he's running for US Senate.

That is—we hope he is. The thing is, we need to collect 10,000 signatures in 10 weeks to get Matt on the ballot. We need more money and we need more petitioners to do it. We need your help with both. Can you help today?

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Please chip in whatever you can. The majority of our campaign funds are going toward paying petitioners on the ground across the state to collect enough signatures to get our campaign and the North Carolina Green Party on the ballot.

This is what we need this week:

- Your donation of $50 pays for 50 signatures collected by our supporter who works a cash register in downtown Raleigh.

- Your donation of $100 pays for 100 signatures collected by our unemployed supporter who’s out of work because of the pandemic.

- Your donation of $250 pays for 250 signatures collected by a team of anti-racist, anti-war students petitioning and spreading our message at NCSU campus and other campuses.

- Many of your donations of $10, $20, $30 together pay for a team to collect 500 signatures in downtown Durham.

And with another 100 signatures collected by volunteers hitting rallies, farmers’ markets, festivals, and more throughout the state, this is how we’ll meet our 1,000-signature goal this week.

But we also need you petitioning with us too. Can you get out and collect 10, 20, 100, or more signatures? And if you know students, out-of-work folks, and others who want to help a good cause and could benefit from some income, please send them our way too. We're offering $1.50/signature to folks who can commit to collecting at least 100. Get in touch to learn more, to receive petition sheets and instructions, and to get your $1.50/signature.

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We need candidates like Matthew Hoh on the ballot who are radically different. Unlike his opponents in either capitalist party, Matthew will demand:

- Healthcare as a human right, available to all, no exceptions.

- Living wages for all and debt relief, so all people can live comfortably, not just survive.

- Free higher education for all, and cancellation of the $1.6 trillion student loan debt that enriches Wall Street and emburdens young people and working families.

- Full marijuana legalization and ending the war on drugs for good —treat serious drug addiction as a health matter, not a crime.

- A radical redistribution of resources in this country, and the control of those resources—away from unconscionable military spending, the incarceration system, and capitalist profit and into crucial social programs that benefit people—as part of a worker empowered Green New Deal Reconstruction, not the Democrats’ Raw Deal.

- Compassionate and effective pandemic assistance—imagine if more workers could have stayed home during the height of the pandemic thanks to a universal basic income and sick leave. Imagine if the safety of working families was prioritized over corporate profits?

And that’s just for starters. With candidates like Matthew, we can implement actual solutions to these problems, instead of perennially kicking the can down the short road of the future. Our campaign offers the opportunity to change the direction of public discourse by placing issues in their real, truthful perspectives while building a mass ecosocialist party for people, planet and peace and a movement to fight for these changes. With your help, we can resist the accelerating slide of our society toward authoritarian governance, perpetual war, and climate catastrophe.

- WATCH <[link removed]> Matt’s announcement video.

- DONATE <[link removed]> to Matt’s historic campaign

- SIGN UP <[link removed]>to volunteer.

- TEXTJOINto 866-MATT4NC <sms:+18666288462> to sign up for text updates!

- LIKE <[link removed]>Matthew’s new campaign Facebook Page @Matt4Senate <[link removed]>.

- FOLLOW <[link removed]>Matthew on Twitter.

Thank you. Please donate what you can and help petition today.

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Warmest Regards,

Matthew Hoh for US Senate

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Matthew Hoh for Senate • PO Box 1127 Wake Forest, NC 27588-1127

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