Daily Brief · Jul 17, 2019
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Did Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps change his mind about LGBTQ people before he died?
And did the "God Hates Fags" preacher's change of heart spur the church's decision to ex-communicate?
A man cut off his gay son’s earlobe to mark him as an ‘abomination’ modou-earlobe-323x183.jpg
"The worst thing is they didn’t take me to hospital or give me medication. They just locked me inside a room as I tried to stop the bleeding."
A gay teen who was brutally bullied for years stabbed one of his attackers. He’s going to prison. cedeno-323x183.jpg
The teen defended himself with a knife during a violent attack at school after the school did nothing to stop the bullying.
Tom Daley and new diving partner Matty Lee qualify for 2020 Olympics Tom-Daley-Matty-Lee-323x183.jpg
This will be Daley's fourth trip to the Olympics - and we couldn't be prouder.
What happened to Lindsey Graham? graham-salute-323x183.jpg
Lindsey Graham was always a turd, but he wasn't a toady. He went from denouncing McCarthyism to soaking in it.
He was beaten after being called anti-gay slurs. Now his picture is going viral. ryan-williams-injuries-323x183.jpg
"I seriously can not believe that a homophobic attack happens! Which it does and it’s wrong!"
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He killed a man & shot another ‘because they were gay.’ He won’t be charged with a hate crime. Demetris-Nelson-323x183.jpg
He admitted to attacking "dozens" of gay men before he ended up murdering someone.
My family was verbally assaulted while walking our daughter to preschool toy-story4b-323x183.jpg
And the hate group One Million Moms is partially responsible for our pain.
Gay teen goes viral for performing a stunning death drop at his graduation Sophia-Stardust1-323x183.jpg
3 million views later, the world knows how to graduate like a queen.
Hundreds of leaked chat messages show Puerto Rico’s governor using vulgar antigay slurs repeatedly Ricardo-Rossello-323x183.jpg
The Governor is the administrator of a group chat full of violent, anti-LGBTQ and sexist messages from many of the island's top officials.
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