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Date January 31, 2022 2:00 PM
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It's about results.

Deadline: Jan. 31 <[link removed]>

Hi John,


This isn't difficult, but it IS urgent...


Because we are up against a tight deadline, Governor Hogan and An America
United are asking for 187 common sense American leaders to step forward before
midnight with a contribution of just $5.
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That's it. Just five dollars. Today.
Will you help?
Yes, I Will Commit $5
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America needs the kind of proven conservative leadership we’ve seen from
Governor Hogan in Maryland.It's not about sound bytes, it's about results. 


Our national movement is being heard and seen in all 50 states. Every elected
official can do better and it's up to us to continue promoting smart,
results-driven policies.


Please commit just $5 right now to keep our momentum growing. We can't afford
to slow down now! <[link removed]>




Digital Team

An America United

Commit $5 For Smart Solutions
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contributions for federal income tax purposes.

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