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Date January 28, 2022 7:17 PM
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Michelle Obama has a dire warning for Democrats like you, Team.

“They’re counting on us to stop paying attention.”

Team – Michelle Obama is right. The GOP is counting on you to stop paying attention.

After Democrats’ historic wins in 2020, the GOP launched a massive voter suppression campaign designed to lock Democrats out of the ballot box. In 2021 alone, Republicans put forth voting restrictions in 49 states and GOP governors signed voter suppression bills into law in 14 states. In Texas, Florida, and Georgia, these laws were so egregious they’re being called “Jim Crow 2.0.”

Chip in $1 to have it DOUBLED in the fight to save our democracy:

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Meanwhile, Democratic governors are doing everything they can to stop Republican voter suppression efforts, expand access to the polls, and protect our democracy. But with 36 governors’ races this year, the right to vote is at stake in states across the country like never before.

Let us be clear: with Senate Republicans blocking federal voting rights legislation and the Supreme Court refusing to intervene – Democratic governors aren’t just a line of defense, they’re the ONLY thing standing between our fundamental right to vote and the GOP’s relentless attacks. If Republicans take control of key Democratic strongholds we’ll lose more than just an election – we could lose our very democracy.

The stakes of the 2022 midterm elections are so high that we can’t afford to miss a single fundraising deadline. But right now, we’re falling short. That’s why a generous group of donors has pledged to MATCH every donation up to our crucial $50,000 end-of-month goal. But you still haven’t chipped in to our end-of-month goal, Team.

We pulled your supporter record and here’s what we found:

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Supporter ID: 2619859
Made a MATCHED donation to our end-of-month goal? PENDING

Please chip in $%%HPCx1 – and have your gift DOUBLED – to elect Democratic governors and stop the Republican attack on voting rights.

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