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More and More Distractions from Brexit
January 28th, 2022
Dear Friends and Supporters
If you have been watching the news this week, it has often felt like ‘Groundhog Day’, with nothing discussed but the same thing time and time again. This is something we seem set to experience for the next few days as well, with Sue Gray’s report into events which may or may not have taken place in Downing Street with the Prime Minister’s knowledge, being delayed, as the police have now said: “For the events the Met is investigating, we asked for minimal reference to be made in the Cabinet Office report. The Met did not ask for any limitations on other events in the report, or for the report to be delayed, but we have had ongoing contact with the Cabinet Office, including on the content of the report, to avoid any prejudice to our investigation.” So, it is now unclear what might be released next week – if anything - and the police investigation is ongoing. I have one thing to say on this: “Will they just get on with it!”
When everything is said and done, whilst these political games are ongoing, the real issues which impact the lives of the ‘Great British Public’ continue to be ignored. Rather than who was present when Boris’s birthday cake was cut, I want to know what is being done…:
  • To combat the energy price crisis;
  • About the huge increase in the cost of living;
  • How much longer will the EU be allowed to have a grip over Northern Ireland;
  • To solve the problems with supertrawlers as discussed below;
  • To reduce the number of foreign fishing licences being granted for vessels fishing in our waters, to help to regenerate our own fishing communities;
  • And to tackle the issue of breaking away from all the EU laws currently still on our statute books, and being enforced in the UK!
These are just a handful of issues which will affect this country for decades to come and deserve far more focus than the political machinations currently happening in Westminster.
I have written about this before, I know, but unfortunately Brexit is clearly not yet done and dusted, so Get Britain Out still needs to continue our fight to help to deliver a Real Brexit this year.
Donations have reduced and we cannot carry on without money.
 The main focus now seems to be on so-called ‘Partygate’, so it’s more important than ever for Brexiteers across the country to have a loud voice to refocus Government on the issues which really matter to us all.
If you value our work, and can afford to do so, please can you dig deep to help us keep fighting for a Real Brexit.
On the matter of negotiations with the EU, as we could all have predicted, supposed deadlines and ‘intense’ discussions are yet to result in any meaningful changes on the Northern Ireland Protocol. Not only this, but we have seen the EU already claiming they will halt talks in March 2022 so they don’t intervene with local election campaigns for the Northern Ireland Assembly elections in May 2022. This is an election which - conveniently enough – may end with the pro-EU party (and former political wing of the IRA) Sinn Fein likely to win. Such a result would play directly into the hands of the EU, so it will come as no surprise they seem to be trying to drag things out for as long as possible.
At the same time, the EU knows our Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss, has ambitions to become Prime Minister if Boris Johnson is forced to resign. However, if she does not succeed in getting a new deal with the EU, this could severely hamper her ambitions. Clearly, there is time pressure here, as Boris could be ousted from his position in the next few weeks. What must not happen is for Liz Truss to panic and agree to a rushed compromise which only papers over the cracks, but does not resolve the major issues - such as checks on goods and medicines crossing between Great Britain and Northern Ireland and disputes being controlled by the European Court of Justice.
Get Britain Out has long said that with modern technology, it should be possible to introduce reliable systems to identify which goods are likely to go from Great Britain through Northern Ireland into Ireland, without all the customs checks currently in place at Northern Irish Ports – and without a hard border being necessary inside the island of Ireland. The EU has consistently refused to cooperate with the United Kingdom over this, so we continue to go back and forth on piecemeal items without meaningful discussions. My view is if the EU do not want to install this technology properly, and continue to threaten the UK with sanctions etc, then we should simply ignore the border in the Irish Sea, and if the EU want to instal a hard border in Ireland it is up to them! Liz Truss is supposed to be in constant contact with her opposite number Maroš Šefčovič and will be meeting him early next week. May I suggest she pulls her finger out and takes the EU to task.
It has emerged the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, has apparently been trying to block the triggering of Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol - supposedly because of the potential economic impact on the UK. However, apart from the likelihood his ears may be being bombarded by the views of the heavily biased ‘Remainers’ in the Treasury, in my opinion, this is nothing more than an ongoing political manoeuvre by Sunak to try and make sure neither Boris nor Truss end up getting a popularity boost from the Conservative Party’s membership. This would be a potential boost which could make any attempt by him to become Prime Minister in the future, a fruitless one. Remember, Sunak has already tried to disassociate himself from the upcoming rise in National Insurance by calling it ‘The Prime Minister’s tax’, even though he is actually in charge of the Treasury. Mr Sunak has also been trying to convince the press he wants to cut VAT on household fuel bills, no doubt trying to convince MPs he is on their side in the dispute. So, be certain, the scheming about who might be the one to replace Boris Johnson - if he has to step down - is well underway, at least within the Treasury.
Then we come to the waters surrounding our country, and the Government’s continued refusal to take meaningful action to protect the livelihoods of UK fishermen, fishing communities and the biodiversity of our waters.
  • So-called ‘Supertrawlers’ – sometimes with nets as big as 6 football pitches - continue to overfish our waters, despite the Government conceding they now have the power to ban them following our recent letter to the Secretary of State for DEFRA, George Eustice.
  • The UK Government has done nothing to ban the use of the extremely damaging ‘dredging’ nets which indiscriminately scrape and damage the ocean floor. They scoop up everything in their path including dolphins, seals and any other fish or species around the sea bed. Often these animals are critically injured in the process and are simply tossed back into the sea with no regard for their welfare.
  • A supporter has also raised with me the issue of fishing equipment - such as old nets being discarded by EU vessels while at sea - and the abject failure of the Government to enforce the rules already in place which are meant to stop this. These discarded nets cause havoc for marine wildlife. It should take no effort at all to make sure this kind of equipment is properly tagged and trackable, so the manufacturers and the Government can easily identify those who are guilty of this barbaric action.
As if the EU’s interference in Northern Ireland isn’t bad enough, this week has also seen the EU preparing to sue the UK Government in the World Trade Organisation because the UK has declared that the majority of components in any wind turbine used in the UK must be made in the UK. This would appear to be a perfectly reasonable request you would think, but of course, the EU can’t stand the idea of the UK now being free to make its own decisions and cut European manufactures out of the process. Personally, I don’t think wind turbines are worth the effort when it comes to making energy, but you can be sure I believe the way in which we build our own turbines is none of the EU’s business!
Of course, arguably more important than everything else going on recently, has been the escalation of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, with Russia amassing nearly 100,000 troops on the border of Ukraine so far and threatening a full-scale invasion. However, now being able to promptly react to such a danger, Brexit has once again proved its worth. While the European Union twiddled their thumbs trying to come up with a unified response, the UK acted with haste and efficiency to send support to Ukraine, as well as take a leading role in the NATO response. This is clearly something which we would not have been able to do if we were still a Member State of the EU.
The main reason for the lack of a response by the EU was Germany’s refusal to take a hard line with Russia because of their debilitating reliance on Russian gas to fuel their economy. Germany even went as far as not granting UK RAF flights access to German airspace on their flights to the Ukraine.  All of this reminds us, yet again, of the need to make sure the UK can be energy-independent in the future, or much like Germany our foreign and economic policies will be restricted by the actions and demands of potentially hostile foreign nations.
As we have enjoyed doing for the last few e-Bulletins, we like to finish on positive notes, because as much as we want you all to know about the areas where Brexit still needs work, it is important to recognise the successes we have already seen:
  • This month the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) has confirmed the UK economy is set to be the fastest growing economy in the G7, both this year and next.
  • Luxury car manufacturer Bentley, has pledged a £2.5 billion investment into their Crewe plant to build their first range of electric vehicles.
  • The Government and Rolls-Royce have invested heavily in nuclear energy, with the Government committing £100 million to the new Sizewell C Power Station and Rolls Royce launching the bidding process for their £210 million investment in small nuclear reactors. This power station will generate enough low-carbon electricity to supply 6 million homes. The project will support 70,000 jobs across the UK and rely on over 3,000 UK-based suppliers. It will also create thousands of local jobs and contribute around £4 billion to the regional economy. 
  • The City of London has retained its title as the best location for Financial and Professional Services, beating New York and thrashing Paris and Frankfurt in the rankings.
  • Multinational Investment Banking giant Citi has launched a £100 million investment in its 42-floor Canary Wharf Tower, committing to London for “25 years and beyond” according to their head of UK, James Bardrick. So much for the exodus of banks from London after Brexit!
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That’s all for this e-Bulletin.  I hope you have a lovely weekend as the days finally start to get longer – albeit colder - from Jayne Adye, Campaign Director and my Team at Get Britain Out
P.S. I really would like to thank everyone again who helps us with donations - whether one-off contributions or repeat donations. As I have explained above, we still need financial help if we are to continue – this is serious or we will really have to stop working soon!
There is so much more the Government needs to do to deliver a Real Brexit for Britain.
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