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Subject IT: 🏛 Breyer retiring from SCOTUS, and...Are you concerned about the increase in illegal border crossings?
Date January 28, 2022 5:00 PM
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SCOTUS Justice Stephen Breyer announced that he intends to retire from active service when the Court’s current term ends this summer...

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Welcome to Friday, January 28th, (D)s, (R)s, and (I)s...

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer announced that he intends to retire from active service when the Court’s current term ends this summer.

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In a letter to President Biden on Thursday, the justice wrote:

“I have found the work challenging and meaningful. My relations with each of my colleagues have been warm and friendly. Throughout, I have been aware of the great honor of participating as a judge in the effort to maintain our Constitution and the rule of law.”

Biden called Breyer an “exemplary justice” who has been “fair to the parties before him, courteous to his colleagues, and careful in his reasoning.”

During his presidential campaign, Biden pledged that he would nominate the first black woman to serve on the Supreme Court if a vacancy arises while he is in office. Assuming he sticks to that promise, there are several potential frontrunners who may be nominated who fit those characteristics. You can read about them here. ([link removed])

How do you feel about Breyer’s retirement? ([link removed])
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Apprehensions at the Southern Border Continued at a Record-Setting Pace in December

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) released data on Monday revealing that apprehensions of people entering the U.S. illegally at the Southern border continued at a record-setting pace in December that puts fiscal year 2022 on track to exceed the all-time high set in fiscal year 2021 ([link removed]) , which ended in September.

CBP apprehended 178,840 people at the Southern border in December ― more than double the 73,994 encountered in December 2020 and a month-over-month increase from the 174,744 stopped in November 2021. These figures exclude the number of “gotaways” who CBP was unable to detain or who entered the U.S. undetected.

Are you concerned about the rate at which people are attempting to enter the country illegally? ([link removed])
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