Pilots raise alarm at Qatar Airways for doctored hours, hidden fatigue

Asleep at the wheel, manipulated flight records - pilots reveal risks of flying Qatar Airways

Pilots say Qatar Airways monitors and muzzles staff online

Companies wage digital war on critical staff by closing chat rooms, threatening jobs and levelling lawsuits

Richest 20 nations urged to lead on nature protection with more finance

With a new global pact to halt biodiversity loss due this year, pressure is rising to close the gap in funding needed to achieve its goals

How will poor Britons weather a national insurance hike?

Britain faces a cost-of-living crisis, but how will the national insurance rise hit lower-income families in particular?

Non-fossil fuels forecast to be 50% of China's power capacity in 2022

More than half of Chinese regions have suffered from a months-long power shortage in 2021, partly because of low hydropower generation and insufficient coal supply

Australia PM promises $700 mln more to protect Great Barrier Reef

The reef, under threat from global warming, has been a lightning rod for criticism of the ruling conservative coalition's support for fossil fuels


OPINION: Passport to the metaverse? Learn from mistakes for a safer, virtual future

Why companies and the public need to acknowledge safety and security measures as the metaverse expands exponentially

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