From Larry Hogan <[email protected]>
Subject The real change we need
Date January 27, 2022 6:00 PM
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Help restore faith in fair elections
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Our movement has grown faster than we could have imagined when we launched An
America United last year.


Americans are craving a drastic change from the politics as usual in
Washington because it isn't helping them or our country get through a pandemic,
an economic crisis, and skyrocketing inflation. 


Before I took office, Maryland ranked close to last in nearly everything. 7
years later, we're close to the top in all of the same categories because we
have focused on the real issues, worked across the aisle, and proposed common
sense solutions to our challenges. 


We never took the low road.


We never pandered to the extremes of our parties.


An America United is advocating for this type of people-first, common sense
leadership nationwide because our country is suffering from toxic politics and
extreme partisanship.


AAU is up against our first deadline of 2022. This is a major test of our
strength as we continue to fight for you and your values. Will you join us and
help fund this growing movement?
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We're Short $7,100 for January >> Chip In $20.22 or More Now
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Let me tell you just a few of the many things at stake with this urgent
end-of-month deadline...

* We are taking our "Re-fund the Police" campaign on the road nationally,
supporting our women and men in blue and leading by example like we did in
* We are also fighting to "End Gerrymandering" and we need the resources to
target our ads and travel in key states before more unfair maps are finalized.
* And we are advocating for smart, conservative policies with an end to toxic
politics as usual in America.
If you agree that this cause is worthy of your support, please chip in $20.22
or whatever amount makes sense for your budget now to help us chip away at this
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Thank you,

Governor Larry Hogan

Contribute $20.22+ Toward Our January Goal
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Contribute Our Entire January Goal – $7,100
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January Goal – $3,550 <[link removed]>
Contribute 1/4 Our January Goal – $1,775
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contributions for federal income tax purposes.

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