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Subject NOT the news we wanted
Date January 22, 2022 8:24 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
BREAKING via NBC News: “Poll numbers are pointing to a midterm
shellacking for Democrats”
[ [link removed] ]Stop a GOP takeover -- defend the Senate!
[ [link removed] ]We
need to reach our $20,000 fundraising goal by MIDNIGHT to turn things
around and defend the Senate! Chip in $5 RIGHT NOW to help
us stop McConnell’s momentum >>

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We’ve got some bad news, team: MSNBC says Democrats are in
“‘shellacking’ territory” -- and we have AT MOST only a few months to
turn things around.

The biggest headwind, according to our strategists, is that Senate
Republicans raised over $100 MILLION last year -- more than they've EVER
raised leading up to an election year!

Put simply, we’re in for a rude awakening in November unless this
grassroots team steps up NOW to hit every single target from here on
out. But we're still BEHIND on today's must-hit $20,000 goal, with just
hours to go until midnight!

[ [link removed] ]Please, pitch in $5 or whatever you can before
midnight to help us avoid a midterm shellacking and protect our
Democratic majority >>
We need your help to defend our Senate majority. If you've saved payment
info with ActBlue Express, your donation will be processed immediately.

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