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Subject Impact of personal income tax changes, and The Misery Index
Date January 22, 2022 6:00 PM
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Latest Research
86% of middle-class families face higher federal personal income tax burden
Measuring the Impact of Federal Personal Income Tax Changes on Middle Income Canadian Families since 2015 finds that contrary to rhetoric from Ottawa, 86 per cent of middle-class families experienced an increase in their federal personal income tax burden of $800 annually (on average) since 2015.
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Higher inflation and higher unemployment make Canada 6th most “miserable” country among 35 advanced economies
The Misery Index Returns is a new study that finds of the International Monetary Fund’s 35 most advanced economies, Canada has the 6th worst Misery Index score due to the country’s higher inflation rate coupled with higher unemployment.
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Fraser Forum Podcast
Episode 18 - Lynne Kiesling [[link removed]]

Alternating Currents: re-examining electricity markets in Canada
Research professor in the School of Engineering, Design and Computing at the University of Colorado-Denver, co-director of the Institute for Regulatory Law & Economics, and senior fellow at the Fraser Institute, Lynne Kiesling, joins me this week to talk about the role electricity markets play in incentivizing business and the multifaceted policy implications that come with them. We even discuss the famed "War of the Currents".

Commentary and Blog Posts
Stakeholder capitalism and ESG—the road to socialism [[link removed]]
(Appeared in the National Post) by Niels Veldhuis and Jason Clemens
Businesses can only succeed by benefiting their customers—unless granted special treatment by government.

Single-rate personal income tax critical to restoring Alberta Advantage [[link removed]]
(Appeared in the Calgary Sun) by Tegan Hill and Niels Veldhuis
Lower tax rates improve incentives for people to work, save, invest and engage in entrepreneurship.

Most New Brunswick parents feel pandemic policies have hurt their child’s education [[link removed]]
(Appeared in the New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal) by Paige MacPherson and Alex Whalen
Between March 2020 and May 2021, students in the province missed 16 weeks of in-class time.

Ottawa’s plastic bans will cost Canadians money [[link removed]]
(Appeared in the Toronto Sun) by Matthew Lau
Paper manufacturing uses more energy than manufacturing plastic.

New regulations will ultimately deprive Canadians of new medicines [[link removed]]
by Dr. Nigel Rawson
Drug developers are more likely to invest in research and development if prices for their medicines are high.

Ontario government continues to ignore parents worried about learning loss [[link removed]]
(Appeared in the Ottawa Citizen) by Paige MacPherson
The province's students were behind in math, science, and reading even before the pandemic.

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