From Brian Golden, Courage Campaign <[email protected]>
Subject Tell Congress: Act NOW to Save the Planet
Date November 9, 2019 1:05 AM
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DearĀ Friend,

As a new parent, nothing scares me more than the deteriorating health of
the world my daughter will someday inherit.

Sadly, the devastating fires raging all across California are just one
reminder that climate change is no longer the future -- it's already in
motion. Deep impacts on the natural world have begun threatening human
lives, starting with society's most vulnerable people.

The good news is that it isn't too late to slow global warming and
preserve our planet. But to do so, we need decisive leadership and a
strong plan that addresses every part of society. We need a Green New

[ [link removed] ]Will you add your name to a petition in support of the Green New Deal?

Progressive Democrats have adopted a plan -- the Green New Deal -- to slow
climate change, create jobs and build infrastructure.(1) It is a bold
vision of a future where we invest in green jobs, radically transform our
economy, and show the world what climate leadership really looks like.

Of course, you can guess who already hate it: Republicans in Congress.
They worship at the altar of corporate profits and stand idly by as the
Trump administration dismantles environmental regulations. They wouldn't
dream of fighting climate change -- in fact, many of them won't even admit
it's real.(2)

We have to stop them. We have to pass the Green New Deal.

There is still time to act, but the clock is ticking. In Siberia, the
permafrost is thawing, likely to release an estimated 150 billion tons of
carbon in the next century.(3) Around the world, species are dying -- lost
to extinction forever -- at 1,000 times the normal rate.(4)

When Franklin Roosevelt created the original New Deal in the 1930s,
Republicans denounced it as impractical and hostile to business. They were
wrong then, and they're wrong now. Only this time -- it isn't just a
country, but an entire planet that hangs in the balance.

We must send a clear message to legislators that we need visionary
leadership on climate crisis. We need to preserve a healthy planet for our

We need the Green New Deal.

[ [link removed] ]Will you sign a petition to demand Congress enacts the Green New Deal?

Yours in the fight for our future,

Brian, along with, Annie, Caitlin, Deepthi, Eddie, Gabby, Jay, Lindsay,
Mary, Molly, Phillip, Raquel, Scottie, and Tai (the Courage team)

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