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Date November 9, 2019 12:54 AM
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TOM STEYER: I’m someone who believes that people like me, who’ve been so lucky and have had a chance to build a business from scratch, have a huge responsibility back to the American people and to America itself for the advantages we’ve had.​ So when I hear Michael Bloomberg say that he's opposed to a wealth tax — I don't think he should run as a Democratic candidate for president unless he's willing to embrace a wealth tax.

Invest $1 in Tom’s campaign if you agree we need a wealth tax. [link removed]

Friend, Tom just went on MSNBC Live with Ali Velshi and told Michael Bloomberg to embrace a wealth tax or stay out of the race. 

People like Tom or Bloomberg, who have done well under the current economic system, have a direct responsibility to address wealth inequality and bring forth progressive plans to support working families. Supporting a wealth tax is central to addressing the inequality in our current economic system and supporting much-needed progressive policies.

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In 2010, Tom signed the Giving Pledge — a commitment to give away the majority of his wealth to philanthropy during his lifetime. But philanthropy alone is not enough — we need to fundamentally change the structures of our economic system and close the opportunity gap for Americans in need. That’s why Tom is running for president.

Join Tom in his call for a wealth tax to address our country’s serious economic inequities. [link removed]

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Tom 2020


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