From Team Cuomo <[email protected]>
Subject Attorney General's Abuse of the Power of her Office
Date January 18, 2022 1:44 PM
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Over the last several weeks more and more information has come out proving what we said all along: that Tish James abused the power of her office to railroad Governor Cuomo so that she herself could run for Governor. While her failed campaign lasted only a few weeks, that does not change what her motivation was.

Tish James hid from the public that the first accuser witness tampered by threatening to 'destroy his life' [[link removed]] if he didn't back up her allegations.

Tish James lied to the public when she didn't disclose that the second accuser had a history of colluding [[link removed]] with others to make false allegations of sexual assault against a student when at Hamilton College.

Tish James falsely credited the allegation of a woman who made the outrageous claim that she was assaulted only to have the District Attorney dismiss the charges, concluding that 'after reviewing the available evidence' he 'could not secure a conviction'. [[link removed]]

In fact, four District Attorneys have reviewed James' bogus report and concluded what we said all along: the law was not broken and no crime was committed.
Rita Glavin held a press briefing last week on this and more -- please take the time to watch for yourself here.
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Tish James and Albany politicians abused their offices to do through politics what they couldn't do at the ballot box: remove Governor Cuomo from office. They thought New Yorkers were stupid -- but we know better, and we will not give up fighting until the truth finally comes to light.

Thank you for your continued support and friendship,

Team Cuomo

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