From Devyani Singh <[email protected]>
Subject Staying Green
Date January 14, 2022 5:15 PM
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Hello Friend,

I am writing this email as someone who has been actively involved with the
Greens at all levels of government: federal, provincial and municipal.
Federally, I am the critic for green recovery, climate and environment, and
candidate in Quadra 2021; provincially I am the Vancouver
Councilor-at-large and was the Vancouver Point Grey candidate in 2020; and
municipally I am involved as a concerned citizen and member. I believe that
having more Greens at all levels of government is critical in our fight for
a better and more equitable Green future. We see that our elected MPs,
MLAs, and city councilors have been instrumental in bringing about critical
policies to make lives better for the planet and people.

I am also very excited that our federal Green Party is moving ahead with
our new interim Leader, Dr Amita Kuttner. I am especially excited as I know
Amita well and know that they will help strengthen the party with
compassion and collaboration, which we so need at this time. We also have
new and engaged leaders on the Federal Council who are committed to
rebuilding the party. Equally important, we also have critical issues
facing Canada that need to be addressed.

As a climate scientist, an immigrant and a woman of colour, my choice of
political home is the Greens - the party that shares my values and
worldview for a better future; that cares about true reconciliation and
Indigenous rights; that believes housing is a human right; that advocates
for a guaranteed livable income and a just transition to a green future.
Even though we hit a few road bumps last year, I stayed because I am
committed to the values of the Greens and believe in the important role we
have in politics.

I live in climate-ravaged BC where we saw hundreds die in the heat dome,
towns lost to wildfires, Vancouver cut off by roads from the rest of Canada
due to unprecedented flooding, followed by extreme cold. It is critical to
take ambitious climate action to halt the climate crisis. We need to act
now, and we need more Greens elected to government. IT’S TIME THAT WE
COME TOGETHER. And it's time to support the GPC. I hope I can count on you.

For the planet, for the people, for our country, please give to the Greens.





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