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Subject It’s 2022. Election year.
Date January 14, 2022 1:06 AM
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It’s 2022. Election year. That means our work to end gerrymandering and voter suppression is more important than ever.

“5 Things To Watch Going Into The Midterms”
#1 Voting restrictions
#4 Redistricting

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Here’s the deal: If Republicans are successful in manipulating the maps and restricting voting access, 2022 -- and the next decade’s worth of elections -- could be a disaster not just for democracy but also for Democratic priorities like health care and climate action.

But if we can stop them -- and we’ve had a lot of success in preventing Republican gerrymanders lately! -- we can ensure FAIR elections. And as A.G. Holder says, “where Democrats can compete in a fair system, they can win.”

It’s your choice, John: Will you help us stop them?

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Our continued success relies on the support of folks like you, John. Please chip in today!

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-- Team NDRC

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Since 2017, the NDRC has executed a comprehensive redistricting strategy that shifts the redistricting power, creating fair districts where Democrats can compete. Our victories have been made possible by our strong community of grassroots supporters.

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