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It's a new year and I've already visited with folks in six different counties within Iowa's Third Congressional District and introduced my first piece of legislation this year. My new legislation can help all Iowans, but addresses an issue that was first brought to me by folks in Corning after the local post office suddenly closed last year.

And I have already held my first Connect With Your Congresswoman Town Hall event of 2022 — and my 73rd town hall event as Representative of Iowa's Third District — in Red Oak. 

To learn more about the legislation I've introduced and the meetings I've held this year, keep reading: 

My First Bill of 2022 Comes Straight from the Issues Facing Southwest Iowa


I introduced my Postal Suspension Transparency Act, which was inspired by the residents of Corning, on January 7. Corning Mayor Jan Leonard, Corning Postmaster Loretta Gray, U.S. Postal Service staff and letter carriers and local leaders joined me for the announcement.

When the post office in Corning suddenly closed last year, residents there weren't sure why it was closed, how long it would be shut down, or where they could go to receive services. 

So many people rely on their local post office to keep their small businesses running, receive life-saving medications, and to keep in contact with their family and friends. When a post office shuts down — even temporarily — it shouldn't be a surprise to the people who use it. 

That's why I introduced the Postal Suspension Transparency Act. The legislation would create a new website that lists which post offices are closed, how long they will be closed, why they are closed, and where customers can receive services. 

Learn more about what the legislation would do by clicking here.

New Federal Ban on Surprise Medical Bills

A bill I helped get signed into law in 2020 that helps prevent people from receiving surprise medical bills took effect on the first day of 2022. 

The No Surprises Act, which passed with a bipartisan majority vote in late 2020, protects Americans from most forms of surprise medical billing, including care provided in an emergency and transportation by air ambulances. 

The law also prevents patients from receiving surprise medical bills from out-of-network health providers after receiving care at an in-network facility.

I'm proud to have voted for this legislation because during an emergency, no Iowan should have to be interrupted from care or worry whether their insurance will later cover the care they receive. 

Learn more about what this legislation includes by clicking here.

On The Ground In Southwest Iowa


I held my first Connect With Your Congresswoman Town Hall event of 2022 in Red Oak. This was my 73rd town hall I have hosted as Representative of Iowa's Third Congressional District.

I held my first Connect With Your Congresswoman Town Hall of 2022 at the Montgomery County YMCA in Red Oak. This gave me the opportunity to fill folks in on where Congress is at on some vital legislation like renewing the Child Tax Credit.

I also recently visited the Shenandoah Medical Center to discuss the facility's most urgent needs as they continue to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In addition, I held roundtable events in Des Moines and Council Bluffs to talk about all of the ways Iowa will benefit from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. The legislation will provide more than $5 billion to help Iowa rebuild its roads and bridges, expand its broadband system, help remove lead pipes to create safer, cleaner drinking water, and provide money to improve public transportation.

Between all of the good things the infrastructure law will provide our state and the great ideas I've received from Iowans, I am excited to see what the new year brings. To keep up to date on what I'm working on, follow me Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

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