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Subject Republicans Set to Subpoena Whistleblower
Date November 7, 2019 10:34 PM
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Jim Jordan Says Ukraine Whistleblower Will Be Subpoenaed for Public Hearing

⏱️ Ding: “I think, frankly, that she should go home to San Francisco. If you look at what is happening to her district, her district is going to hell. With homeless that they’re not taking care of, with needles all over the streets, with tents, with people, with sanitation, with horrible things being washed into the Pacific Ocean.” Donald Trump ([link removed])

Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan put the whistleblower on notice ([link removed]) Thursday that they will be getting a subpoena to testify in a public hearing.
The American people will have to wait and see if Shifty Adam Schiff will do the right thing and bring the whistleblower out of his basement dungeon and into the light of transparency—or continue this secretive sham and veto the request.
Schiff (D-CA) is the House Intelligence Chairman and he initially voiced support to have the whistleblower testify publicly. However, he turned out to be full of Schiff and retracted, saying he wants to keep the whistleblower anonymous due to safety concerns.
Republicans are calling out Schiff on his shiftiness, pointing out he changed his tune after the whistleblower was found to have made contact with Schiff’s office prior to filing the complaint.
Back on October 31, the Washington Examiner reported ([link removed]) that all talks between the House Committees and the whistleblower’s attorneys have shut down.
An inside source told the Examiner, “There is no indication that either of the original whistleblowers will be called to testify or appear before the Senate or House Intelligence committees. There is no further discussion ongoing between the legal team and the committees.”
According to Democrats, the impeachment inquiry is now entering the “public phase” after conducting their inquiry for weeks down in the Star Chamber. The House Intelligence Committee has released four transcripts so far...not surprisingly, they haven’t released them all. ([link removed])

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Lindsey Graham says Adam Schiff is ‘full of crap’:
Senator Graham (R-SC) was on Fox News on Wednesday, and when asked to respond to Schiff’s statements about Trump conducting “illicit” actions, Graham bluntly said, “That statement is full of crap.” See Schiff’s full statement about Trump ([link removed]) and why Graham says Schiff is not a fair leader of the impeachment inquiry.
These next two alerts provide evidence that the Democrat’s scheme to overthrow Trump are not working with the American people.Rasmussen Poll: POTUS Approval Back to 50 Percent Despite Impeachment Circus:
President Trump’s approval ratings have rebounded in November after an October dip saw it slip down to a 43 percent approval rating on Oct. 25th. Get the details why this is happening here. ([link removed])Epic Fail: Poll Shows Liberal Propaganda NOT Influencing Voter Attitudes:
A Politico/Morning Consult Poll ([link removed]) pulled the rug out from under Hollywood and the mainstream media—revealing their constant attacks and jokes are not doing much to persuade the American people about Trump or his ability to win re- election. The results are making Democrats scream! See why this is energizing both sides of the political aisle here. ([link removed])
Don’t let these polling results make you complacent. Stay vigilant.
We still need to get through this impeachment, which will likely continue to late December.
If you are still hungry for more impeachment news and analysis, you will enjoy the Steve Bannon radio show War Room: Impeachment. ([link removed])

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