John -- did you see the big story in the LA Times yesterday about the tens of thousands of Californians who are fleeing the state each week because they cannot afford to live here or cannot stomach living here anymore?

As much as I blame the California Democrats for the extreme socialist policies that are driving people out of California, I must also blame weak-kneed establishment Republican politicians have shown they are either unwilling or unable to put up effective opposition!

This is EXACTLY why I am running for Congress! Someone must lead the fight and become the voice of opposition against the Democrats in this state.

Here’s the problem: We struggle every day to keep pace to fund our campaign budget and WIN.

Can you help us keep pace by contributing today?

I’m not just saying I will be the leader of opposition in California -- I’m showing it every day. From leading the successful recall against Josh Newman, to qualifying the gas tax repeal initiative, to breaking records in our campaign in the first 8 weeks!

Here’s what worries me: that we may fall short in this race and get stuck with another uninspired RINO do-nothing Republican “seat warmer” — or worse, that we may lose this Congressional seat to a Democrat!

We absolutely CANNOT let that happen so please help us today!


Carl DeMaio

PS: Forward this email to at least 5 friends and tell them: If you agree that we need AGGRESSIVE new leadership for California Republicans, please support Carl DeMaio’s campaign today at this link!