From Dean Phillips <[email protected]>
Subject It still stuns me to say it
Date December 29, 2021 4:00 PM
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Friend --

Next week will mark one year since the January 6th insurrection, and it still stuns me to say it: After that horrific event, two-thirds of House Republicans voted to keep stoking chaos by objecting to the certification of the election.

Can you imagine what our country might look like today if they had prevailed?

We're at a turning point, Friend, and voters next year are going to have a big say in what happens next. Will we defeat the fascist strain of Republicanism that brought our country to the brink? Or will we bolster the ranks of pragmatic progressives and force this fever to break?

Today, I'm asking you to put your money on the latter. Our official end-of-year fundraising deadline is just around the corner, and every dollar we raise will help send a message that Americans choose progress over lawlessness. Choose any amount right now:
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In the days after the insurrection, almost every corporation in America said they would cut off political donations to the Republican objectors. And for a few months, they did.

But as the year went on, corporate political donations resumed — and now they’re back in the millions.

GOP election objectors rake in corporate cash
-The Hill, 12/14/21

Corporations are trying to curry favor with Republicans for a simple reason: Republicans are expected to take back the House next year. That’s why I’m urgently asking for your support – so we can hold the House and show the GOP and their corporate donors that lawlessness is a losing strategy.

I've never taken money from PACs, lobbyists, or other members of Congress. The more grassroots money we raise from these emails, the more time I can spend bringing sanity back to Congress and legislating on your behalf.

We're about $16,000 short of where we need to be for our end-of-year fundraising report, and if we post that shortfall, the GOP is going to pull out all the stops to flip this district. So I've got to ask: Will you rush $15 or another amount to boost our fundraising numbers and help us hold the House next year?
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Thanks for whatever you can chip in. I know I ask you for a lot, and it means the world that you've still got my back.

With gratitude,


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