In Botswana, heavy metal bands' fame and fortune grow online in pandemic

Heavy metal bands from Botswana say COVID-19 forced them to increase their digital presence – a switch that brought unexpected gains

What can world leaders do to make COP26 deforestation pledge a success?

Cutting down forests has major implications for global goals to curb warming, as trees absorb about a third of the planet-heating carbon emissions produced worldwide

FEATURE-Run, rebuild, repeat as floods eat away at India's indigenous land

Each time flash floods engulf their villages, the Mising people shift their homes further inland - but after a decade of flooding and riverbank erosion, they are running out of space

Blackouts, financial meltdowns and a petrol crisis - the year Lebanon unravelled

In 2021, Lebanon’s financial meltdown turned two – and we learned what it means to see a country come undone.

Climate-fuelled disasters bring 'grave' costs across the globe in 2021

The financial and human costs of climate change are expected to keep soaring unless governments step up efforts to rein in global warming, the report warns

Bangladesh takes baby steps towards climate-friendly just transition

From adopting clean energy in garment factories to helping coastal migrants settle in cities, the South Asian nation has a way to go in planning a greener, fairer future

Reaction to the death of South Africa's Desmond Tutu

World leaders and organizations remember South Africa's late Desmond Tutu

Swiss to allow simple legal gender transition from Jan. 1

Switzerland joins Ireland, Belgium, Portugal and Norway as one of the few countries on the continent that allow a person to legally change gender without hormone therapy

OBITUARY-E.O. Wilson, naturalist dubbed a modern-day Darwin, dies at 92

Wilson once said destroying a rainforest for economic gain was like burning a Renaissance painting to cook a meal

China fires up giant coal power plant in face of calls for cuts

Beijing has pledged to start reducing coal consumption, but will do so only after 2025, giving developers considerable leeway to raise capacity further in the coming four years

Trash for rice: Bali recycling scheme gives families pandemic lifeline

A local non-profit group is offering help by exchanging rice for plastic trash that is then sold to a recycling company


OPINION: We have groundwork to end the HIV epidemic. Now it’s time to execute

"For most of the U.S., COVID-19 is their first experience going through a pandemic. But for those of us who have been affected by AIDS, COVID-19 is our second"

OPINION: Three changes needed to pull off COP26 forest and land use pledges

Solutions must be created on the ground by local government, farming communities and food businesses

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