From RootsAction Education Fund <[email protected]>
Subject Four Highlights from 2021, and One from 2022
Date December 26, 2021 7:59 PM
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*Four highlights from RootsAction Education Fund's work in 2021, paid for by your tax-deductible donations: *

*1. *We established, with the inspiration of Lacino Hamilton, a former prisoner who was wrongly convicted, a *Project on Mass Incarceration* to educate about the crisis created by putting so many people behind bars.

*2. *We expanded our *Project on Accountability*, working with CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling and with and on behalf of other whistleblowers. The Education Fund's program has focused on giving voice to such whistleblowers as former NSA official Thomas Drake, and former members of the U.S. military drone program Cian Westmoreland, Brandon Bryant, and Daniel Hale -- as well as ex-Marine / ex-State Department official Matthew Hoh and Stacy Bannerman, who has done tremendous work exposing how military violence can come home.

*3. *We educated the public about the plight of *U.S. prisoners*, including several considered political prisoners.

*4. *During a global pandemic, we significantly expanded our use of *online events*, combining them with our mass-email educational efforts, informing officials and the news media of new revelations from whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg and other developments in the area of nuclear weapons, advancing understanding of the impacts of militarism on the Earth's climate, and holding training webinars on skills, including Op-Ed writing and media activism. On the International Day of Peace, September 21, 2021, RAEF hosted a webinar with experts discussing the prevention of mass extinction. In March, 2021, RAEF joined with other organizations to create on online Cold War Truth Commission.
We can only continue and expand this work with your contributions, which are U.S.-tax-deductible.* *Please donate what you can here.* [ [link removed] ]

We know the impact we are having because of the petition signatures, webinar participation, and media coverage we're generating. RAEF uses viral, online activism to spark public awareness and action around issues of economic fairness, equal rights, civil liberties, environmental protection, and endless war.

Our targeted petitions, mass email campaigns, and online educational events are part of broader efforts to *build coalitions, change public discourse, develop pressure where it's needed, and mobilize the organizing power of people at the grassroots to achieve progressive change*.

Here's one highlight from 2022:

In early January we'll be publishing a *Primer on Foreign Policy for U.S. Congressional Candidates*. We're often told that candidates have no foreign policy platforms because they don't know anything about the topic. That problem (excuse?) will be no more. Even people not running for Congress will want to read this primer and encourage others to do the same. * Will you help us keep going?* [ [link removed] ]

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Thank you!

--- The RootsAction Education Fund Team


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