From Larry Hogan <[email protected]>
Subject Did you see the maps?
Date December 21, 2021 8:00 PM
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Have you seen the new redistricting maps for Congress across the country?


State by state, hyper-partisans are doing everything possible to rig the
system to benefit politicians, not the people. It's wrong, no matter what party
you belong to. We can help put a stop to it, but only if you are behind me in
this fight by adding your name to our national petition!
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This is political corruption.


We must lead by example: honestly & morally.


In Maryland, we pushed for a nonpartisan and transparent citizens commission
to draw fair maps for 2022 and beyond – and they did! 


But that didn't stop Democrats from drawing their own map which was so crooked
it could result in Republicans having no representation in Washington. That's
not because it's the will of the people – it's because politicians are trying
to rig the system. 


That's crazy! And it's bad for our democracy...

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But the problem is even worse than you think, because the partisanship is
coming straight from the top...


President Biden's Attorney General is going after red states for
gerrymandering while allowing blue states like Maryland to go completely


We cannot allow the redistricting process to remain so partisan and corrupt.
Are you with me?


I need you to add your name to An America United's fight!
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Please sign our national STOP GERRYMANDERING NOW petition to demand the DOJ
fairly investigate gerrymandering, not just with those that they oppose


Our democracy is on the line, and we need your help. Please step forward and
add your name to affect change from the top!



Governor Larry Hogan
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