In the year to end child labour, COVID wreaks havoc

Named International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour, 2021 was meant to boost efforts to stamp out the practice. But despite some success stories, global progress was patchy

As climate anxiety rises, chat groups tackle isolation and taboos

Climate change is spurring rising distress and mental health issues among generations young and old - a growing network of support groups aim to tackle the issue

Malaysia's labour abuse allegations a risk to export growth model

Southeast Asia's third-biggest economy must reform its labour laws and improve enforcement, while companies should invest to ensure better conditions, say analysts

China to give women right to decide on caesarean birth - report

In China, a hospital can currently only let a pregnant women deliver by caesarean section if her husband approves

China prepares new sexual harassment safeguards for women

China, a country where men dominate the top echelons of politics and business ranks 107th among 153 countries in the World Economic Forum's annual ranking on global gender equality

U.S. cities try new way to help the poor: give them money

Cash payments were once a pillar of the U.S. safety net for much of the 20th century but fell out of favor amid criticism that they discouraged people from working

Chile miners brace as president elect signals environmental crackdown

"To destroy the world is to destroy ourselves," says Chilean President-elect, as he signals crackdown on environmental degradation spurred by the country's mining sector

Peru community to attend mine blockade meet in reversal of decision

Poor Peruvian community protests as money from mine which produces 2% of the world's copper supply bypasses them

U.S. climate-change fight threatened as Manchin rejects Biden's bill

From electric vehicle tax credits to incentives for carbon capture, here is a look at five top climate measures in the bill and their prospects if the wider legislation dies

EU plans to finish green investment rules for gas and nuclear next year

The EU taxonomy will not ban investments in activities not labelled "green". But by limiting the green label to those activities deemed truly climate-friendly, the EU aims to steer cash into low carbon projects

Boeing wants to build its next airplane in the 'metaverse'

More than 70% of Boeing's quality issues relate to a design problem. Boeing believes that digital tools are key to bringing a new aircraft from inception to market

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