From Jared Huffman <[email protected]>
Subject a disappointment
Date December 20, 2021 11:58 PM
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It’s deeply disappointing that a single US Senator with deep ties
to the pharmaceutical and fossil fuel industries has decided to
block the Build Back Better Act, after MONTHS of good faith
negotiations and hard-won progress.

So much is at stake with this groundbreaking legislation. We must
protect the planet from accelerating climate change. Hardworking
families need this legislation to help pay for essentials like
medications, eldercare and childcare. And we need it to make sure
kids get the food, shelter, and early childhood education they
need to thrive.

We are so close to seizing this historic opportunity. With
Democrats holding the White House, Senate, and House, this is our
moment — if we can muster the political will. That’s why it’s so
important to have truly progressive leaders who are willing to
stand up and demand bold action for the American people.

We cannot tolerate shameless, transactional lawmakers who, in a
moment like this, value special interests over doing the right
thing for the American people and our planet.

Will you show your support for me and my progressive colleagues
by making a donation right now before the critical end of quarter
fundraising deadline next week? I’m not giving up on BBB —
there’s too much at stake. We must regroup and fight harder.
That’s the only way transformative change happens in Washington,
and it requires leaders who put their constituents and our shared
values first.
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The current impasse is a blow to struggling families. Because
Senator Manchin has stalled the Build Back Better Act, the last
monthly payment for the Child Tax Credit program went out this
month. These payments have lifted millions of children out of
poverty and helped families pay for food, rent, and other
essentials. Many parents will face terrible choices without this

Meanwhile, the climate crisis is not waiting for Senator Manchin
to evolve. We’re still reeling from the devastating winter
tornadoes that killed at least 75 people in Kentucky.

Inaction from Congress is totally unacceptable. This is a moment
that demands leadership — and lawmakers who make our families,
communities, and the planet their top priorities.

I hope you’ll take a moment now to give to my campaign so I can
keep on fighting for you in Washington.
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Thanks so much for your support,


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Congressman Jared Huffman represents California's 2nd District,
which spans from the Golden Gate Bridge north to the Oregon
border. As a Democratic leader, Jared is committed to protecting
our environment, fighting for access to affordable healthcare and
equality for all Americans. In accordance with public health
guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, Jared has
suspended all in-person campaign events and is relying on support
from his grassroots contributors to power his campaign. Click
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to support Jared's campaign with a contribution today, or sign
on to become a sustaining supporter by making a monthly
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