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Date December 17, 2021 5:13 AM
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One Voice One Nation

Hi John --

Welcome to this week's newsletter, 17th December 2021

Episode 7 provides the opportunity to learn all about how legislation is passed by our parliament in "Please Explain How Bills Are Passed" and we might just learn one or two extra things along the way... Pauline Hanson is direct to the people with Alan Jones... Today is Queensland Segregation Day... and in NSW, Brad Hazzard has lost the plot. We hope you will enjoy this week's recap of some of the news from One Nation.

"Please Explain" How Bills are Passed

Episode 7

From Senator Pauline Hanson

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What could be more important for a politician than passing new bills? Find out in this week's episode of "Please Explain". 

We love your feedback and ideas, so feel free to share your inspirations with us. Join the creative team at 'Please Explain' by clicking the button below.

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Here's a sample of popular comments today from YouTube:

"I think Pauline Hanson has finally figured out how to approach the young voting public in a relatable way that captures attention as well as gets her message across. She is definitely ahead of other parties discovery of this, so hopefully she can capitalise on that at the next election, as Australia is sick and tired of the lack of transparency and corruption in our political leaders..." (Some Guy)

"My goodness, I've swung my preference to Pauline in the last couple of months and man, I can't believe I was so blind to what she stands for. That's one good thing since covid hit us - she's given us all a voice. And then I started delving into her policies and I'm impressed. Can't wait for the election next year." (Lorraine Riddell)

"Wow you are doing it again great videos. Merry Christmas Pauline and team." (Truth and life)

Alan Jones Direct to the People 

From Senator Pauline Hanson

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On Tuesday, 15th December I had the chance to appear on Alan Jones <[link removed][0]=AZX-SiSDll_CMywjt4bCWbDuqT7QfP_kF1adC5q8_--_29-EXHD7LzHZfYOsL8A5Ns-8B6PhByBONNmL4RGOaKoUbFTzVM_8yEqr8F1OfNs1WOfvBb3i0BGNEWDwe1G81kmnYsJbpilHZC-T0l7dpTYs-DY9dPpBzfVtW5XWum8dnA&__tn__=-]K-R>' new show Direct To The People.

Like me, Alan has been removed from most mainstream media platforms, so full credit to him for fighting on and continuing to speak out.

I encourage everyone to follow Alan's show and spread the word.

If we continue to stand united and speak out against this tyranny then there is nothing the establishment elites in the media or their political allies can do to silence us.

Today is Queensland Segregation Day 

From Senator Malcolm Roberts

Today is Queensland Segregation Day.

My whole office and I are proud to have joined yesterday with firefighters, police, nurses, teachers, ambos, corrective services…

Wonderful, respectful, caring energy as frontline services people came together in Brisbane’s King George Square and joined for the walk to state government offices at 1 William Street

These front line services care for us all. With enormous respect and care.

Today many will be sacked, stood down, cast aside. Queensland will be divided. Queensland will be short-staffed.

We heard horror stories of what is happening in prisons short-staffed, hospitals short-staffed, kids being removed from school and home-schooled…

Thank the Queensland State Labor machine and a gutless LNP if your home is burning & you need a firey; you need the police; your kids are sick…

These wonderful people simply want to be treated with respect.

We are anti-mandate, not anti-vax.

We all want our freedom back. We want choice.

Many people came up and shared their feelings, concerns and needs. Click here for my Facebook video. <[link removed]>

People want to restore freedom of choice, want to be heard, want their livelihoods restored and their lifestyle - people just want to live a normal life.

How simple is that? Most people don’t care about politics, people just want a normal life.

Recently though, people realise they are now forced into taking a keener interest in politics so that they can make an informed choice as to who will serve them and their families as their voice in parliament.

Brad Hazzard has Lost the Plot

From The Hon. Mark Latham MLC, New South Wales

<[link removed]>

At a press conference on Wednesday Dominic Perrottet said we should be focusing on the number of people in hospital instead of focusing on the number of Covid cases.

Brad Hazzard then went onto say NSW could be facing 25,000 Covid cases every day by the end of January.

Not only has Brad Hazzard performed poorly in his role as NSW Health Minister but now he is actively going against the policies of his own leader.

It is time for Brad Hazzard to go.

Views on News with Mark Latham 2HD Radio <[link removed]>

More than ever, Australia is waking up to the fact that we are fast losing our basic rights and freedoms and the Australian way of life is in danger. We were told to fear a virus, but there's growing realisation that the threat is a slide into totalitarianism.

Your voice will hold sway in the houses of Parliament in a way you've never held sway before. And as the people's voice in Parliament, we can finally do what's needed to take back the future for all of us.

For us to succeed, we're going to need everyone to get involved. We need people like you to help us.

Because the next federal election could be called at any moment, we need to be prepared for when the starter's gun is fired.

Will you make a donation to kickstart our 2022 Federal Election Campaign Fund?

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Thanks for reading our newsletter. The team at One Nation appreciates your ongoing support.

See you next week.

Kind regards

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