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Subject A crude way to operate
Date December 8, 2021 4:00 PM
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Friend --

The infrastructure package President Biden signed into law proved what we can do when we bring people together from across the aisle -- one of Dean's core values.

The deal succeeded thanks to Dean's unrelenting calls for optimism and pragmatism, and to the Democrats and Republicans in Congress who found enough common ground to hammer it out.

We need to keep Dean in Washington to keep chipping away at the gridlock, but we're about to enter our toughest reelection year yet. Will you invest $10 in his campaign today to keep moving our country forward?

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Thirteen House Republicans joined Dean and other Democrats in passing the infrastructure deal. Now, those 13 Republicans are facing retribution from radical members like Marjorie Taylor Greene, who dubbed them "traitors." Traitors. For investing in roads, bridges, clean water, and rural internet.

And it doesn't stop there. House Republicans including Greene, Matt Gaetz, and Lauren Boebert are calling for the 13 members who cooperated with Democrats to be thrown out of their committees so they can't even legislate anymore.

This is increasingly the way the GOP works: Anyone who supports bipartisan legislation, or who condemns even the foulest Republican action, is cast out. It's a crude way to operate, and it threatens to get an even stronger foothold in the Republican Party in 2022.

Democrats are serious about the challenges before us, like protecting voting rights, ending the epidemic of gun violence, and accelerating the transition to clean energy. We need representatives like Dean in Congress to keep forging the bipartisan compromises that will move our country forward.

Thanks to support from folks like you, Dean is making progress -- but the GOP is going to throw millions into Minnesota and try to unseat him. Will you chip in now to strengthen our campaign as we head into 2022?
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Thanks for all you do,

The DeanTeam

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