Dear John

Have you seen this?


Damning evidence of how this Government believes the rules they made just didn’t apply to them. They partied while we stayed locked down for Christmas, unable to see our loved ones. 



The opposition parties need to work together to get rid of this incompetent and uncaring Government. They need to start preparing for the next election now.


The Better Democracy Fund allows Best for Britain to conduct the most accurate polling, and to take it to the parties as proof that they need to work together.

We know it’s what you want, and it’s what voters want.



Our first past the post electoral system allows this Government to feel untouchable. Parties that care need to come together. They need to do the grown-up thing and unite to defeat this government.


The Better Democracy Fund is here to make this happen. It starts today. Together let’s turn outrage into action.

You can help us send this message to the parties!



We can get this Government out once and for all. By persuading the opposition parties to work together we can defeat them. And a new, better democracy can be built.


Best wishes,


Naomi Smith

CEO - Best for Britain


P.S. Contribute to the Better Democracy Fund today. To persuade the opposition parties to work together. To beat this government at the next election. To build a better democracy, with a fairer voting system. It’s up to you.

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