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Subject Espresso - Trans healthcare demand surges, Africa's youth urge climate action, toughest abortion laws around the world
Date December 7, 2021 12:00 PM
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Trans people waiting years for gender healthcare as demand surges [[link removed]]

Waiting times for specialist gender care are soaring as more people come out as trans around the world

As eco-anxieties mount, Africa's young people urge action on climate [[link removed]]

Africa has the world's youngest population, and youth activists from Sudan to South Africa have been vocal in seeking bolder policy action

FACTBOX-World's toughest abortion laws [[link removed]]

There are 24 countries where abortion is prohibited altogether but around 40% of women of reproductive age still live in places where access is illegal or limited

'Extreme' vaccine discrimination risks leaving Africa behind - report [[link removed]]

One in 15 Africans has been fully vaccinated, against nearly 70% in the G7 group of richer nations, according to data from the Mo Ibrahim Foundation

Australians to create 'black box' to hold world accountable for climate crisis [[link removed]]

Scientists will build an "Earth Black Box" in 2022 to provide the world with a wealth of data on climate change, with the information recorded also aimed at holding leaders to account for climate action

Rohingya refugees sue Facebook for $150 billion over Myanmar violence [[link removed]]

Rohingya refugees to sue Facebook for inaction against hate speech but Facebook says it is protected from liability under a U.S. internet law

Global oil CEOs stress need for fossil fuels despite push for cleaner energy [[link removed]]

World fossil fuel demand has rebounded sharply in 2021, with natural gas already at pre-pandemic levels and oil nearing levels reached in 2019

From Siberia to the U.S, wildfires broke emissions records this year [[link removed]]

Wildfires emitted 1.76 billion tonnes of carbon globally in 2021 - an equivalent to more than double Germany's annual CO2 emissions

Russian bans for tech giants is last resort, Interfax reports [[link removed]]

Russia has been slowing the speed of Twitter since March as punitive action for not deleting content that Moscow deems illegal

U.S. labor movement's next frontier is the tech industry, AFL-CIO's Shuler says [[link removed]]

Between 1979 and 2020, the percentage of American workers represented by a union dropped by 14.9 percentage points, according to estimates from the White House

Opinion OPINION: How do we get more young people into the workplace? [[link removed]]

Looking towards 2022, disadvantaged young people are only set to face greater alienation from the job market

OPINION: As climate disasters grow, reducing vulnerability is key [[link removed]]

Deaths and losses from extreme weather can be limited – but it takes preparation and investment

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