From Marisa Mormile, Director of Membership <[email protected]>
Subject corporate Democrats are out of control
Date November 29, 2021 10:12 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
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Despite hundreds of millions in corporate lobbying, and a
particularly unhinged last-minute speech from Kevin McCarthy, the
House has passed Bernie’s budget.

Our Revolution pushed this bill across the finish line in the
House with targeted ads, events, and consistent pressure on
establishment Democrats. Now, our members from all over the
country are stepping up to push Bernie’s budget through the
Senate. Take a look for yourself:

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We can’t lose any momentum until this bill lands on
President Biden’s desk. Support Our Revolution’s pressure
campaign on the Senate by rushing $15 now.
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your donation to Our Revolution will process immediately.

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Last month, Our Revolution’s average gift was just $16. We’re
entirely grassroots powered — that’s why we’re able to put
pressure on establishment Democrats not to capitulate to
corporate lobbying.

Getting Bernie’s budget through the House was a major victory
for progressives. Now, we need to follow through by increasing
the pressure on the Senate.

We need your support to keep our organizing work going at full
speed. Please, chip in $15 or more to push Bernie’s
budget through the Senate.
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In solidarity,
Our Revolution


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