I know you heard from Christy yesterday and she let you know we would be reaching out to you to help us hit our end-of-month fundraising goal.

Today we want to talk about why we know Christy would make the best representative for this district.

Christy pulls from her own wrenching personal experience when she fights for reproductive rights -- knowing exactly what's at stake if we cede ground and the lives that would be impacted.

Christy is outspoken in the fight against climate change seeing the first-hand impacts of that right here in California with wildfires continuing to burn and Californians facing an unprecedented drought.

If elected, Christy would join the 120 women who have been elected to Congress. Currently, women only represent 27% of the 535 members of Congress -- inexcusably disproportionate.

Christy is the representative this district deserves -- someone who understands and responds to the needs of her constituents. Someone who has been fighting for them for years.

We are only $8,534 away from hitting our goal and we need to make sure we're keeping pace with Mike Garcia. Will you chip in $5 today? We know that you believe in Christy just as much as we do -- you wouldn't be here if you didn't. You know the leadership she would bring to Congress. You know the compassion she would have for the working families of this district.

You know as well as we do that 2022 is the year we beat Mike Garcia and finally send Christy to Congress.

So, chip in today and let's get this done. Tomorrow, we'll be in touch again to talk about why Mike Garcia is not the right fit for this district. We'll chat then.

-- Team Christy