From Naomi Smith, CEO - Best for Britain <[email protected]>
Subject Halt the decline of democracy
Date November 24, 2021 8:03 AM
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Dear John

The slime of sleaze sticks to everything. 

I’m sure you’ve noticed the sheer volume of headlines focusing on government sleaze scandals. The fact so many of these politicians have been able to get away with this is proof we have a broken electoral system, propping up a faltering democracy in the hands of this government.

At Best for Britain, we recently conducted research, exploring how our electoral system rewards complacency. I hope you will use the template below to make your views heard in your local paper.

Analysing the MP’s second jobs scandal, we found 87% of MPs with second jobs represent seats where they have a majority greater than 3000. Of the nine MPs who have second jobs that pay them more than their MP’s salary, seven have majorities greater than 17,000. 

Sleaze is not just sleaze. It’s a clear symptom of a much greater fault in our political system. When these MPs don’t feel the pressure, when they don’t think their constituents will vote them out, they feel free to take advantage. 

The Government isn’t content with this corruption - it is actively dismantling the systems of checks and balances intended to hold them to account.

From the Elections Bill which will bias the independent regulator of elections, to the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, which will clamp down on our right to protest, we are all in the precarious position of seeing democracy erased before our very eyes. 

And what will we do when it is taken away from us?

While we still can, it is important that we raise our voices and hold this Government to account for its insidious attempts to rig the system in its favour. 

Will you write to the editor of your local paper today with our template letter to make sure we’re keeping the pressure on this Government? By writing, you will be increasing public awareness of this Government’s anti-democratic agenda and putting pressure on the Government to alter its policy-making. 

Will you write? See our template letter below:


I am extremely concerned by the MP sleaze scandals of recent weeks. I simply don’t believe these issues exist in a bubble. 

When politicians openly and knowingly fail their constituents, this is a symptom of something far more rotten at the heart of our political system. I’ve been following Best for Britain’s work on the Government’s anti-democratic agenda. Several bills are passing through parliament at the moment which threaten to undermine our democracy. 

The Elections Bill will remove the independence of the Electoral Commission and undermine its ability to monitor elections. Other bills, such as the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill and the Judicial Review and Courts Bill all take power out of the hands of ordinary people and our democratic institutions and concentrate it in the hands of the Government. 

The fact that this Government is so happy to take liberties with public trust is, I fear, a sad sign that this Government is already preparing for a future where it cannot be held accountable. 

Best wishes,

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Best wishes,

Naomi Smith

CEO - Best for Britain


Best For Britain - United Kingdom

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