From When Democrats Turn Out <[email protected]>
Subject Demings down by 2
Date November 24, 2021 2:06 AM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
Hi team,

Marco Rubio's absurd conspiracy theory that Democrats are staging a “federal takeover of Pre-K and child care” just to force Catholic schools to “hire ‘transexual' teachers” is a dangerous, offensive, and harmful tactic to intimidate his constituents into reelecting him in 2022.

But Val Demings—who is just two points behind Rubio in the latest poll—will fight every day in the Senate to make sure every family can afford Pre-K and child care, and defend the LGBTQ community from undue harm. That's because Demings knows that today in Florida and across America, skyrocketing inflation and the pandemic economy are making it impossible for our families to stay solvent and healthy.

Now Rubio is desperately running Donald Trump's conspiratorial playbook. Rubio's new wave of inflammatory attack ads funded by his deep-pocket extremist donors is playing 24/7 in Florida Democrats' living rooms. Meanwhile GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis is overhauling the state's voting laws to specifically target Democrats. Every member of the Republican Party is going all-in to sideline Val Demings and steal back control of the Senate.

Right now Val Demings needs our help more than ever before. Because if we can't protect her from Rubio's insidious ad blitz AND DeSantis' authoritarian voter suppression AND the GOP electioneering machine's anonymous operatives currently descending on Florida AND the Party of Trump's dark money millions, there's absolutely NO WAY she'll be able to defend herself on all fronts alone.

Team, we're writing to you directly with an urgent request for immediate aid. We're still short $2,500 from our vital daily fundraising goal, and if we miss it we'll be forced to send Val Demings into this race defenseless. Can we count on you to step up right now, protect Demings, send Rubio home, and expand our 50/50 Senate Majority?

This can't wait, folks: If you can spare $5, $10, $25, or even more, we're asking you to donate right now and give Val Demings the resources she needs to win next November. Help us end Marco Rubio's noxious career, expand our razor-thin 50/50 Senate Majority, and protect our values by chipping in today. >> [link removed]

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Thank you for never giving up the fight, folks. Thanks for all you do.

-When Democrats Turn Out

[SEND RUBIO HOME] >> [link removed]

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