Hey john! 


In this week of Friendsgiving parties and virtual potlucks, we just wanted to take a sec to talk about what we’re super grateful for…you guessed it, abortion! 


Specifically *hassle free abortion* because that’s what everyone deserves. It should not matter why, when, or where you need an abortion - you should JUST BE ABLE TO GET ONE.


Some of us have circumstances where we’ll never have to deal with getting an abortion at all, or at least not having to face down a line of screaming antis, or having to drive 612 miles to the next closest clinic because some assholes who will never have an abortion decided it was a fantastic idea to prevent anyone else from ever getting one. 


If that’s you - we hope you’re grateful for hassle free abortion too.

AND if you're feeling grateful - guess what? We’re super grateful for YOU!!! It’s been an incredibly hard year for those of us who believe in our fundamental right to healthcare. We see you and we thank you for staying in this fight.


And we hope that you’ll donate to Abortion Access Front so that you can help make the way smoother for the next person who needs an abortion. 


AAF works EVERY DAY  to make the lives of abortion providers a little brighter, while tearing down stigma and fighting against anti-abortion extremists. We make the trolls' lives hard and the providers' lives a little easier - all with your support. 


We can’t do it without you - so we hope you’ll #GiveAF today!



Your Abortion Access Front Friends


PS - We’re going to send out a BUNCH of these emails over the next few weeks. If you donate TODAY, we’ll opt you out of all the rest. No more asking this year - promise!


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