From SENATOR WARNOCK ALERT (via DCCC) <[email protected]>
Subject Warnock’s STUNNING announcement
Date November 19, 2021 10:16 PM
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Quickly -- Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock is in trouble. After he shocked the WORLD and helped flip Georgia blue for the first time in DECADES, Trump’s endorsed Senate Republican candidate is now raking in $100,000 EACH DAY to win it back. This is critical: If Republicans are victorious in Georgia, they could DESTROY all of our progress. So now, more than ever, we MUST protect our House Majority. We’re calling on 1,500 grassroots supporters to come to our House Democrats’ defense, prevent a total Republican takeover, and save our House Majority. Will you rush $5 before midnight to elect House Democrats and help us compete with Republican momentum in Georgia and across the country? >> [link removed]

Raphael Warnock: "The fight for voting rights isn't over." CHIP IN >> [link removed]

We need to move NOW.


Raphael Warnock stunned the world and helped flip Georgia -- and the Senate -- blue.


Georgia Republicans were LIVID -- and passed an OUTRAGEOUS voter suppression bill to sabotage Democrats’ chances of ever winning again.


Trump’s favorite Senate Republican candidate is raising $100,000 PER DAY to flip Georgia red and DESTROY our Congressional Majority.

Please read this very closely: If we lose Georgia, we could lose our Democratic Trifecta. That’s why we need to launch a historic defense NOW to save our House Majority and stop Republicans from ushering in a total takeover of Congress. We’re calling for 1,500 gifts before midnight to compete with the GOP’s war chest and defend our House Democrats nationwide. Will you rush $5 before midnight to save our House Majority? >> [link removed]

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