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It’s that time of year already - for us to ask for some much needed dough for our important work.


Abortion Access Front is a coven of badass feminists who use humor to destigmatize abortion and expose extremist forces working to destroy our reproductive rights. We also provide practical support nationwide to independent abortion clinics (ie - not Planned Parenthood) who bear the brunt of racist anti-abortion legislation and harassment. Our dream is for hassle free abortions EVERYWHERE for EVERYONE.


In 2021, more than 100 restrictive (and totally racist) abortion laws or outright bans were enacted. That’s more than 100 TOO MANY! Every one of us needs to feel empowered to stand up and say F*CK YEAH ABORTION! We’re here to hype you up when you want to tell the horrible, sexist, racist politicians MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! 


Just this year we answered calls for support from more than 75 independent clinics around the country by getting them supplies for patient care packages or sending special treats after a particularly rough week of dealing with anti-abortion extremists.

Here are 3 badass providers in Texas on September 1. Whole Women's Health Alliance asked us for t-shirts for all their staff. They wanted to feel united and ready to face the challenges of SB8.


We need your support for abortion providers that rely on us!

AAF is devoted to supporting indie clinics and we are all about that pro-abortion life. Every day we are creating a future where clinic staff can work without harassment and people needing abortions can JUST GET ONE ALREADY.


We are trusted by these clinics because we have consistently supported them since our inception.


And more than that we are FEARED by anti-abortion extremists because they know we thwart their every move (and reported them to the FBI when we saw them at the January 6th insurrection).

Um, maybe don't participate in insurrections?


We can get you involved in this action as well, connecting you to clinics and communities that can use your support as well! Together we can all work on a hassle free abortion future.

So Give AF and donate today!


All your friends at Abortion Access Front


PS - We’re going to send out a BUNCH of these emails over the next few weeks. If you donate TODAY, we’ll opt you out of all the rest. No more asking this year - promise!


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