On Tuesday night, there was a Facebook post asking both myself and Tyler Moore some very specific questions regarding education policy, funding and how that affects Kokomo with our childhood poverty rate. Here is my response: Let there be no doubt: all is not well with school funding in any regard and the blame (yes, blame) lies in the hands, at the feet, and on the consciences of our state legislators and those who support them and continue to vote for them.

Furthermore, if referendums are what it takes to get the job done, then by all means, let’s do it. I am running for Mayor because I’m sick and tired of our leaders, local, state, and federal, pretending the problems are too big to solve. They’re not. They’re simply more interested in getting re-elected or running for the next office. Someone has to take a stand and do the hard work needed to solve complex problems. I’m ready. I’m standing.

I will CONTINUE to discuss education funding with our state legislators-provided they are willing to be held accountable for their actions. I was at the Third House Session this spring and watched them take 2 questions, condescend, then shut down a room full of constituents who had more to say. It was, and remains, unacceptable from elected officials.

If there’s one thing you don’t have to convince me of, it’s how poverty affects every single human living in it. Getting our children out of poverty is the most effective way to change our unconscionable public health numbers for the better. I have included a link to my full platform, and a few photos of particularly relevant pages for your review.

Public education is important to me. All children deserve the best start in life. All children deserve access to quality education, provided by quality educators, who are valued for what they do, and compensated accordingly. So far, we can only check the box next to quality educators on that list. We have work to do.
I can only assume this question is the product of many contributors. So to all of you reading my answer: thank you. Thank you for asking the question; I’m always happy to answer.

More importantly, thank you for what you do everyday. I think it’s remarkable, and I could never do it. Thank you for taking care of my kids. Thank you for getting to know them, and finding exactly how to inspire them and help them grow. Thanks for directing traffic, and buying Kleenex, and spending time after school for extra help. Thanks for keeping a special eye on them right now, and for telling me when you think they need something from me that I’m not seeing. Thanks for fall parties, and after school dances, and Readers’ Theatre, and dress up days.

I see you. I see all of you. I’ve got your back.

In Your Service,
Abbie Smith
Democratic Candidate for Mayor


Abbie Smith for Mayor


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