I’m compiling the October finance report for Carl DeMaio’s campaign for Congress and have to submit it Friday covering a cutoff of tomorrow at midnight.

We’re in a bind: right now we are $32,150 short of the target -- and releasing a report showing we have a shortfall would send a really bad signal to the Democrats looking to steal this seat.

I’ve been in the office everyday and Carl is hands-down the hardest working candidate I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, having him make calls 8 hours a day still may not get us to the goal in time so I figured I’d reach out to you directly.

Can you consider making a contribution today so we can close this gap?

Carl DeMaio is offering us all hope that not only can we save this important Congressional seat but we can use his model of campaigning to TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA! But he can’t do it alone — we all must pitch in no matter how many times it takes to WIN!

Please let me know if you can help!


Jackson Rodewald
Finance Manager
Carl DeMaio for Congress