We really want to emphasise how important your support is to Labour right now.


This year we pledged to do fundraising differently.

We said we'd measure success not by the amount that an individual could give, but on the total number of individuals willing to show their support for our people-powered movement! 

We're really proud of this change, but, we've crunched the numbers and unfortunately, we're tracking behind on our October fundraising targets.


Although we believe in the changes we've made to our fundraising, it means we need more people to contribute each month to reach our goal - or we risk impacting our campaign for the 2020 election.

Will you help us get ready for 2020 and chip in today? 

Yes, I'll chip in!

Here's what we'll need to hit our goal: 354 additional donors to contribute before our October 31st deadline.

We wouldn't be asking if this wasn't important. Chip in today and be one of the 354 donors we need to reach our goal:

I'll be one of the additional 354 donors

We know we are going to be up against a well-funded opposition who will try and undermine our achievements through negative campaigning - but with your help, we can make sure we have the resources to push back and run a strong, values-driven election campaign.

Thanks for your support, 

The Labour Campaign Team 

A short note on donations:

Election 2020 is fast approaching and we’re relying on your support to secure a second term for Jacinda and the team. Every year, National receives large donations from a small group of very wealthy individuals. Labour is proud to be the party of the people and we’re funded by small donations from thousands and thousands of passionate supporters like you.

Will you be one of our generous donors, John? Whatever you can afford — even if it’s only a few dollars — will make a difference and help us prepare a winning campaign. Together we can protect the change our Government continues to lead and keep fighting for a more equal and fair New Zealand. Please donate today. Thank you.


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Authorised by Andre Anderson, 160 Willis St, Wellington.