From Naomi Smith, CEO - Best for Britain <[email protected]>
Subject Scraping away the sleaze
Date November 16, 2021 5:00 PM
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Dear John

The government has u-turned! 

And in small part, it’s down to you.

I’m sure you’ve been following the Government’s sleaze scandal closely; we certainly have. 

Our Better Democracy campaign has kept the pressure up on Government, calling out its flagrant disregard for the rule of law and democratic principles. 

The Government has been backed into a corner. Where just last week it was attempting to defend Owen Paterson and silence legitimate criticism of Commons corruption, now it has been forced to confront the reality of public ire. 

The sleaze scandal of recent weeks, and the Government’s attempts to trample over others to protect itself, exemplifies the slide into authoritarianism that has been raising so many red flags in recent months. And it’s catching up with them.

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After U-turning spectacularly, Boris Johnson has suggested that he wants MPs to go further than upholding Paterson’s Commons suspension. He has now agreed that MPs ought to be banned from undertaking second jobs in political advisory and consultancy. 

This extraordinary decision from Johnson is a  credit to you - concerned members of civil society who have spoken out against clear injustice and corruption. Without your strength of feeling and determination to campaign, Johnson would never have taken such a principled stance. 

However, this isn’t a full victory. The MPs with the most lucrative second jobs, such as Geoffrey Cox, would still be able to continue in their private roles, which are not specifically centred on political consultancy. This won’t stop Cox from short-changing his constituents and treating being a public servant as a nice little side-hustle

There’s so much further to go. So we must continue to keep putting the pressure on parliament. We’re at a pivotal juncture with so many anti-democratic bills - so we’re asking you to work with us to keep the momentum going so that we can challenge this Government and its sheer lack of principle and win more small victories, bit by bit.

<[link removed]>I'll sign the petition and keep up the fight <[link removed]>

Best wishes,

Naomi Smith

CEO - Best for Britain


Best For Britain - United Kingdom

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