From Dr. Brian Babin <[email protected]>
Subject I’ve just filed the paperwork..
Date November 15, 2021 4:30 PM
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I wanted to make sure this grassroots team hears it from me directly - I’ve officially filed to run for reelection to keep up the fight for the great people of Texas!

Joe Biden’s incompetent leadership and the Radical Socialists in Congress have together unleashed too many problems for me to sit on the sidelines. Instead, I’m keeping up the fight to protect your God-given rights, freedoms, and liberties!

SUPPORT THE FIGHT [[link removed]]

Every Texan and American has felt the effects of the dangerous Democrat agenda already…

Bidenflation has been going up drastically, making prices skyrocket and leaving our economic future unstable. Biden’s vaccine tyranny has gone so far that he’s trying to take away VA benefits from our brave service members if they don’t get the shot.

And Democrat negligence at the border has meant crime, drugs, and unvetted illegals entering your neighborhood at a record pace!

All in all, the past several months have amounted to a rebranding of America as a woke, weak, and lawless nation. We’re only going to fix it by taking back Congress with strong leadership - are you with me? CONTRIBUTE TODAY!

CHIP IN $10 [[link removed]] CHIP IN $20.22 [[link removed]] CHIP IN $50 [[link removed]] CHIP IN $100 [[link removed]] CHIP IN ANY AMOUNT [[link removed]]

Nancy Pelosi and pals like Beto O’Rourke are hellbent on stopping the great state of Texas from being a proud Republican stronghold. They want to flip our state blue to keep up this reckless Democrat agenda!

But as long as we keep up the fight, we can defend conservative values in our state, and see to it that Texas delivers for OUR interests - not for these radicals.

Thank you for supporting that fight by backing both my reelection and the mission to elect more Republicans - together, we can take back Congress! [[link removed]]

For Texas,

Dr. Brian Babin

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