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Subject Claim Your FREE 3-Gift Gun Package (TODAY ONLY)
Date November 13, 2021 3:21 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
You don't want to miss this!

My good friend David Leonard lives in Chicago, Illinois and his house was raided last Friday because of all the gun pictures he's been posting on his social media accounts...

This type of thing made me STEAMING mad.

It's our right as Americans, to own and bear our guns.

That's why, me and my team here at AmericanTactical went emptied our pockets... put together a free 3 gift gun package

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that we're only giving out to American Patriots, who we want to keep armed.

>> Free Gift Package For American Gun Owners (3 Complimentary Gifts)

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If you would like learn more about Martial Law and claim the 3 free gifts I have packaged for you, click the link below:

Claim Your FREE 3-Gift Gun Package (TODAY ONLY)

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You can forward this message to other American Patriots, just don't let it get out to any anti-gun parties...

Because our company will probably get shut down if this information gets out to the wrong people...

If you're interested, simply click this link here:

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If your guns get taken from you, your family will be completely vulnerable and you'll have no choice but to give in to government demands...

But there are two keys to avoid being disarmed:

1. Keep your firearms concealed and out of sight

2. Stay constantly updated on new gun laws (there will be a new gun law every month for the next 2 years until complete Martial Law is in place)

This free gift package

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I prepared for you will help you do BOTH...

Here's what I'm going to give you:

Free Gift #1: A High-Powered Gun Magnet (so you can hide your gun literally anywhere)

Free Gift #2: A Double-Strap Ankle Holster (so you can keep your gun completely concealed without ANYONE knowing)

Free Gift #3: 1 Free Edition of the Patriot's Monthly Newsletter

The Patriot's Monthly Newsletter is designed to keep American Patriots informed and united...

Every month you'll get newly updated gun laws, shooting tips, war stories from US vets, survival tricks and tactics, incredible deals on tactical gear and much, much more...

You're only getting 1 edition of the Patriot's Monthly Newsletter for free, but if you want to stay subscribed after you test it out you will have that option...

This entire gift package is prepared for you on one easy page where you can enter your shipping address and we'll send it right out to you...

We're trying to get this gift package to every American Patriot we know, so there will be a small one-time shipping fee to help us cover the cost.

Here's the link to your free gift package:

>> [Patriot's Only] Keep Your Guns Safe & Stay Updated On New Gun Laws With This Free Gift Package

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Like I mentioned before, there's a good chance we're going to get shut down because of this...

Try to grab your gift package now just in case we do and please share this with other patriots, only if you can trust them.

Enter Your Preferred Shipping Address Here

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Uniting American Patriots,

Ranger Dan & the ATS Team

P.S. Try this link to claim your free gift package in case you found the other links confusing:

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Mandeville LA 70471

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