From Emily Southard - <[email protected]>
Subject Notes from the ground at COP26
Date November 12, 2021 4:19 PM
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Hi John,

Today marks the final day of COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland – the UN Climate
Change Conference bringing together nations to limit the earth's warming.
We've got staff on the ground working tirelessly to make sure that the
voices of those on the frontlines and of the people are being listened to
during these pivotal negotiations.

While we'll be breaking down the results of the talks over the coming days
and weeks – I wanted to quickly sit down with a couple 350's team members,
Jo Zane from 350's Pacific team and Cansın Leylim from 350 Turkey, who
have been on the ground in Glasgow to hear their thoughts about the

I hope you'll take a few minutes to read our interview with Jo and Cansın,
then [ [link removed] ]please consider chipping in
to support our global movement and amplify the voices of climate activists
and communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis.


Q: What were our biggest challenges this year at COP?

From Jo: The biggest challenge this year was accessibility. Between the
global inequity of COVID-19 vaccine access, visas, and the high cost of
attending the conference from flights to lodging meant that there was a
lack of representation of not just who was in the room, but what was being
said in the negotiation rooms.

The grassroots movements and delegates from first adapter countries (i.e.,
those that will be hit first and worse by the climate crisis) made sure
that 1.5 degrees was in the Paris Climate Accord. Their voices were needed
this time around to advocate for the people – especially given that the
fossil fuel lobby had a larger delegation than any country.

Q: What were you surprised by?

From Jo: I was most surprised that developed countries still couldn't
reach the $100 billion per year goal in climate finance to poorer nations
to help them develop clean energy and adapt to climate impacts (even after
we saw rich countries mobilize two to three times that amount during the
pandemic for just for one country alone).

Q: What are you hoping to see happen next?

From Cansın: Complete phase out of ALL fossil fuels– not just coal. We
want to see binding decisions within the United Nations Framework
Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) including ending fossil fuel
subsidies and finance. We need to direct funding away from fossil fuels
and toward not just mitigation to keep heating to 1.5, but also for
adaptation to address the impacts we're seeing right now.

Generally, I'm hoping to see our movement rise up to hold the high
emitting nations and corporations accountable to the commitments and
promises that have been made at COP.

Q: What's giving you hope?

From Cansın: The leadership of the Pacific Climate Warriors and Indigenous
communities across the world. They are advocating for all of us inside and
outside the hallways of Glasgow and around the world.

And people power. It's enraging that the polluters are adopting our
messages, but we will not let them get away with co-opting our movement.

Q: Any final thoughts?

From Jo: The only way COP26 will be a failure is if we let it be. But if
we work together to rise up, demand the action that is needed to keep
global warming to below 1.5 degrees, demand finance flows to vulnerable
communities for loss and damage, and demand real action to reach zero
carbon emissions – then we are doing what we should be doing.

The time for talk is over, the time for action is now and the flame that
has sparked within the movement during COP26 needs to burn more than ever.
It's really in the people's hands from here.


Keep an eye out on your inbox for more reflections on COP in the coming
days, but in the meantime, [ [link removed] ]please consider chipping in
— or whatever you can — to support 350's climate activists around the
world. Our people power is stronger than the fossil fuel industry's greed,
and together we can take them down.

Thank you for reading and for being a vital member of the climate

Emily Southard
Associate Director Campaigns & Mobilizations

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