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A federal judge blocked Alabama’s pending near-total abortion ban that most certainly would have shuttered clinics and placed those seeking abortion in danger.
However, the judge’s blocking of the law is only while the case makes its way up the courts -- meaning that there is still the possibility that it will become law if ultimately upheld. If that happens, other states would have the impetus and judicial backing to pass their own laws, severely curtailing abortion access in much of the country.
With the Supreme Court reviewing a Louisiana case involving a restrictive abortion law nearly identical to a Texas law the court struck down in 2016, this future is much closer than it seems.
Public opinion has remained steady in support of abortion -- according to a recent study, 54 percent support it being legal in most or all cases, holding nearly the same since 2014. This same study found that support for abortion amongst Democrats has only grown since 2014, rising from 67 percent to 70 percent. We need to know what Democrats think about this race so we are ready for whatever the GOP throws at us in 2020:
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