The Republican Party and Liberty University are illegally conspiring against our LGBTQ community.
A group of 30 former students filed suit recently claiming that Liberty University uses its massive federal government entitlements— which totaled over $723 million in 2018— to push conversion therapy on its LGBTQ students. Liberty also pressures its LGBTQ students to tell its priests their full teenage sexual history only so they can be told their identities will lead them to “years of unhappiness and ultimately to hell.”
Liberty University is a kingmaker in the Republican Party. Ted Cruz launched his 2016 campaign for president at the school. And Donald Trump received a “hero's welcome” there the same year, which helped him consolidate the Evangelical vote and defeat Hillary Clinton.
Don't miss this crucial connection, team: by conspiring with Liberty University to streamline federal funding, torture LGBTQ teenagers, and rally Evangelical support around their increasingly radical candidates, the Republican Party has proven that it will work outside the law to oppress our LGBTQ community at every opportunity.
We'll take on all of Liberty University's Senate GOP boosters who covered up its conversion therapy campaigns and streamlined federal funding. We'll make sure no LGBTQ teenager is ever forced into absurd conversion therapy because of Republican Senators ever again. That means replacing Christian fundamentalist Marco Rubio with progressive champion Val Demings in next year's midterms. That means picking up every seat we possibly can in 2022 to expand our razor-thin 50/50 Senate Majority. And that means hitting tonight's $1,100 fundraising goal.
We're asking you to step in and help us end this insidious conspiracy, folks. We need to hit our critical fundraising goal by midnight tonight. Can we count on your immediate support?
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Thank you for all your help with this, folks. Thanks for everything.
— When Democrats Turn Out

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